How to win a girl’s heart ?

| 20111005

  • sing/write her a song: she doesn’t care if your good or not, its the idea that counts the most. 
  • send her “i miss you” or “i’m thinking about you texts”: they’re cheesy lines, but if you really mean it, it makes her feel like she matters to you. 
  • do something spontaneous: she won’t be expecting it, and it lets her know, you’re want to spend as much time with her as you can. 
  • play with her hair: girls love this. 
  • when she talks to you, look her: it shows that you’re listening and care about what she has to say. 
  • don’t judge her on her bad days: she’s not perfect and she will sometimes be in a bad mood, just let her know you’re there for her. 
  • don’t even look at other girls:  the slightest glance can make her uncomfortable and make her think you’re interested. 
  • give her your sweatshirt: when she’s cold, don’t go some where warm.  offer her your sweatshirt.  she’ll the feeling of it and its something sweet. 
  • don’t give up on her: she won’t be perfect.  she’ll have mood swings and sometimes say she hates you.  but she doesn’t.   
  • talk to her: she loves talking to you, even if its about the stupidest things. 
  • be sweet: do little things here and there.  the smallest things like smiling at her from across the room, let her know you’re thinking about her. 
  • ACCEPT HER: she already thinks she’s not good enough for you.  let her know you accept her faults and insecurities.  Love her for her.